【Starbucks】 New Drinks Form Wednesday, March 13, 2024

The "Caramelly Milk Coffee Frappuccino" and "Pink Fruits Cheer-up" will be available on Wednesday, March 13, 2024. The new products are themed around Starbuck's "GO Beyond" promotion this spring. In Japan, Spring is a time when many people are changing to new lifestyles and environments, such as going on to higher education or finding a new job. The concept is to support people as they take the first step forward with high expectations and a little bit of nervousness, trying to surpass the person they were yesterday, through a cup of Starbuck's.

The Caramelly Milk Coffee Frappuccino

The Caramelly Milk Coffee Frappuccino is a rewarding Frappuccino that evolved from the popular "Creamy & Sweet Milk Coffee" launched in spring 2023 to an even richer, milky flavor.

A layer of fresh cream and white chocolate flavored syrup is poured over the Frappuccino, which offers the flavors of coffee, white chocolate, and vanilla. Cloaked around the cup is butterscotch sauce for a caramelly taste. The espresso shot extracted in the store is used to flavor the espresso, and the espresso's unique aroma wafts through the air. The topping is vanilla-flavored whipped cream. The espresso shot is also added to the topping to create a savory coffee aroma.

Pink Fruit Cheer Up

Pink Fruit Cheer Up" is a refreshment beverage that cheers you up as you take a new step forward.

The star of the drink is a juice base that combines the juices of white grape, lemon, and rose hip, which burst with cool sweetness and acidity. The juice is also infused with caffeine extracted from green coffee (green beans) before roasting and polyphenols (cacao flavanols) extracted from cacao. Also in the mix is a plump jelly filled with pink fruit (acerola, pink grapefruit, cranberry, and apple) juice.


*Tall size only
Take-out:678 yen
In-store:690 yen

We hope you will enjoy your stay in Japan with a new Starbucks:)