Pokemon Mega Center Tokyo

I can still remember choosing my very first Pokemon, Charmander, from Pokemon Blue version.

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Then I set off to a quest to discover the original 150 Pokemons from Professor Oak. The Pokemon Center in the games was an essential location where Pokemons are healed back to perfect health. Visiting the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo at Ikebukuro was indeed surreal, as I grew up a huge Pokemon fan! I was finally in an actual real life Pokemon Center, which I just usually see in my Gameboy.

All things Pokemon can be found in the Center. My favorite items include: Pikachu-Charizard stuffed toy (¥2000), Pikachu iPhone Case (¥1880), Tomy Pokemon mini figurines (¥550-650), Amiibos (¥1200), Pokemon school supplies (¥150-300), and of course Gashapons (¥200). There’s a statue of Charizard and Charizard EX inside for photo-ops! There are also interactive games you can play in the Center, but the language is in Japanese. This is the only Pokemon Center in Tokyo and is the biggest in Japan, so make sure to pay a visit and get your credit cards ready. Gotta catch em all!

Pokemon Center Mega is located at 2nd Floor, Sunshine City, Ikebukuro. Accessible through the JR Ikebukuro Station. Take a peek inside through these photos of the Mega Center: