Halloween at Shibuya

Halloween, the one weekend of the year when the streets of Tokyo is transformed into a horror town.

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Halloween has been a big and popular celebration in Japan for the past years. I did not pass up the chance to take part in this tradition and went to the Shibuya crossing dressed up as a Zombie Prisoner. It was crazy as hundreds of people dress up and walk around in costumes. It was fun to see different types of bizarre outfits. The Japanese really put a lot of effort and creative thought into creating these unique costume ideas. Some of the highlights this year were: PPAP man, Donald Trump, Dalmatian Girls, Pikachu, Kimi no na wa movie poster, to name a few.

The Halloween festivities start in the Shibuya crossing area around 7:30pm and lasts until after midnight. We were a bit early and arrived around 4:30pm and there were still no people wearing costumes. It was a bit weird wearing our prisoner costumes around while some people stare at us. Still, Halloween in Tokyo is an event one should definitely not miss! Here are some photos of the highlights of the night: