First Snowfall of 2016

This moment was truly priceless.

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The view of the neighborhood with rooftops covered in snow greeted me as I opened my window early this morning. I was really excited to get out and walk around as this is one of the things I was looking forward to in Japan. This moment was truly priceless. I think it is one of the simple joys of living in a foreign country.

Although without a doubt snow is beautiful, it also has its own share of difficulties. It is very hard to move around town with thick snow surrounding the roads, and the trains are often late causing crowded train stations. One thing I learned today is to always have snow boots ready. Since I don’t have a pair, I had to brave the snow with my sneakers and I can feel the extremely cold water on my feet making it hard to walk. These are some of the things you have to bear with to experience snow. But still, it was a great and beautiful experience.

Here are some photos of our neighborhood in Saitama covered in thick snow: