Edo-Tokyo Open Air Museum Featuring Sukajan Souvenir Jackets

I recently did a photoshoot for Japan Lover Me Store featuring sukajan souvenir jackets which has been recently rising into popular culture once again.

01 Edo Open Air Museum Tokyo Japan Featured

We held the shoot at the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum which had historical sights of old Tokyo during the Meiji period. The museum showcases old shops, houses, and establishments. Probably the one that stood out for me is the public bathhouse whose interiors reflect a sento from the Showa period with a mural of Mount Fuji on its walls. The Edo-Tokyo Museum can be found within the Koganei Park where cherry blossoms bloom during spring.

You can purchase these trendy jackets through japanloverme-store.com/. Meanwhile, take a look at the spreads we came up with featuring models Abbey Sy, Gilbert Gabriel, Kaila Ocampo, and Reese Lansangan wearing the sukajan souvenir jackets.