Day of the Dead

It is believed during Obon season that the spirits of the departed ancestors come back to visit the living.

Bon Odori Just In Japan 01 Dscf9731 1

The Bon Odori is a traditional dance held during the summer season to celebrate the spirits of the dead. The festival takes place at various parts of Japan held at different dates. I was able to visit the Obon festival held at Ebisu, a 2 day event that usually takes place at the end of July (July 29 and 30). A 3-storey scaffolding (yagura) was built in front of the west Exit of JR Ebisu station as dancers and taiko drummers perform around it. Around the scaffolding are food stalls selling kakigori, yakitori, beer, and other Japanese snacks. The Bon Festival truly is one of Japan’s summer highlights not to be missed.